Which exercise machine should you ask Santa for?

As winter approaches and people start to make travel plans for Christmas, thoughts naturally turn to shopping.

There are few more perfect Yuletide gifts than an exercise machine. The festive season involves a certain amount of over-indulgence for most of us. However, anyone who has asked for an exercise machine can cheerfully get stuck in to the mince pies and sherry secure in the knowledge that they will soon have the perfect tool to help them work off the extra pounds in the new year.

Once you've decided that you're fully committed to consuming your share of Christmas pudding this year, you'll need to work out which machine would be best suited to helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Three of the most popular types of exercise machine are the treadmill, the cross-trainer and the exercise bike. Which one you choose will depend on whether you simply want to lose weight or whether you have more ambitious plans.

For weight loss, the treadmill and the cross trainer are more effective than the exercise bike. This is because they both help to burn more calories. If this pushes towards these options then you will need to think about whether you are able to carry your body weight on a treadmill or whether you might prefer the extra support from the cross trainer. The cross trainer also places less strain on joints than the treadmill due to its more fluid motion.

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If your goals extend beyond weight loss, the cross trainer exercises around 80% of your body's muscles. This will help to keep you toned and looking good. The exercise bike, on the other hand, primarily focuses on building up your leg muscles. This makes it a good choice for people who might want to go out cycling once the weather has improved.

There are also options like rowers, steppers and hand bikes that can all be very effective depending on what you want to achieve.

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