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Use Body Fat Analyzer if you Want to Lose Weight

Using body fat analyzer is important in a program for weight loss. This is because body fat analyzer can give you a more complete picture of your health and physical condition by accurately reading how much of your body is composed of unhealthy fat cells and how much is actual lean muscle mass. A body fat analyzer is best justify why some people do not satisfied about their body shape although they are in the healthy body weight range. This is because they have excess of unwanted body fat.

Body Fat Analyzer

How does body fat percentage read from body fat analyzer effects our appearance? Let me explain in example. A person of 50kg and body fat of 22% has a totally different outlook with another person with same height and weight but different body fat of 32%. The first one has 11kg of body fat while the other one has 16kg of fat.

Where do you think the differences of 5kg of body fat go?

Actually, the body fat goes mainly to two places in the body. People who tend to store fat mostly in their hips and buttocks have roughly a pear body shape, while people who tend to store fat mostly in the abdomen have more of an apple body shape. Get your body fat percentage from the body fat analyzer and compare with the body percentage range at following table. You can calculate your excess unwanted body fat before you start any program for weight loss.

Below 30 years old

  Male Female
Slim < 13% < 16%
Healthy 14%-20% 17%-24%
Warning 21%-25% 25%-30%
Obese > 25% > 30%

30 years old and above

  Male Female
Slim < 16% < 19%
Healthy 14%-23% 20%-27%
Warning 24%-28% 28%-32%
Obese > 28% 32%

For example, if the body percentage of a 35 years old female with 60kg is 32%, this mean she is in the warning range. Taking average percentage of 24% in the healthy range, she has excess of body fat of 8%, which equals to 4.8kg of body fat! If you cannot imagine how heavy is it, just assume you have a bottle of 5 liters oil with you day and night, no matter what you do where you are.

This is the reason why you need to stand on a body fat analyzer. You would have a clear picture of your body composition especially body fat so that further action can be taken. You cannot improve something from nothing. So, get the measurement from body fat analyzer before enroll to any program for weight loss. You might work out your own weight loss plan such as change your diet habit, try to do the right exercise etc to get rid of the excess body fat.

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