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Do you Have Healthy Body Weight?

Body mass index

Nearly one over six of the world population is having overweight issue according to the World Health Organization. So, it is important for us to know whether we have a healthy body weight range.

Below are 2 standards we can use to know if we are in the healthy body weight range.

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) In general, healthy body weight can be defined as a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 18.5 and less than 22.9 among all people aged 21 or over. BMI = Weight (kg) —————————- Height (m) x Height (m)
  2. Below is the World Health Organization guidelines for adults body weight classification:
  3. Classification of BMI:

    • Underweight: Below 18.5
    • Healthy body Weight: 18.5 – 22.9
    • Overweight: 23.0 – 27.4
    • Obese: 27.5 and above

    For example, the BMI of a female with height of 167cm and weight of 60kg is 21.51. This is under a healthy body weight range.

  4. Know your Ideal Body Weight

    You might get your ideal weight through the below equation:

    Female: (Height (cm) – 70) x 0.6

    Male: (Height (cm) – 80) x 0.7

    • Normal Weight: 10% higher than ideal body weight
    • Overweight: 10% to 20% higher than ideal body weight
    • Obese: more than 20% higher than ideal body weight

(Note: 1kg = 2.2046 pound; 1 m = 100cm; 1inch = 2.54cm, 1 feet = 12 inch) Don’t jump into any program for weight loss or try ways to lose weight before you know your current weight condition. When you start to concern to have a healthy body weight range, you are moving a step forward to manage your own health and beauty.

2 Natural Ways In Boosting Metabolism

The key to any successful weight loss program is boosting your metabolism, which is your body fat internal burning mechanism.

  1. Boosting Metabolism through Exercises There are two types of exercises that can help in boosting metabolism: Aerobic and strength exercise. Aerobic or cardio exercise is one of the exercises that can help in boosting your metabolism. But more important is it helps forming a good base for a healthy lifestyle. In a long run, doing aerobic exercise regularly will strengthen your heart, lungs, and improve the whole cardiovascular system and thus reduce the risk for chronic deceases such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Strength exercise or weight training is the most important exercise in helping boosting metabolism. The reason is simple. We can build lean muscle through strength exercise. Recent study shown that 1kg of lean muscle in your body can burn 16 to 23 calories, while 1kg of body fat can burn only 1 to 1.4 calories. By increasing 3kg of lean muscle in your body, we can have extra 60 calories burned daily or 21900 calories burned in a year. This means your body weight can be reduced by 2.8kg in a year time by just increasing your lean muscle by 3kg. Isn’t it wonderful?
  2. Include Protein at Every Meal We usually eat food that rich in protein, carbohydrate or fat daily. Protein has the highest thermogenic effect among three of them, followed by carbohydrate and fat. Studies showed that it took as much as 30% of the calorie value of protein to break down to acid amino, while it took only 2% of the calorie value of fat to break down to fatty acids. This means for 100 calories protein we consume, 30 calories are used to break down protein molecule, leaving only 70 calories for body usage. This is the reason why protein can help boosting metabolism and burning more calories, as it takes more energy to be digested than other food.

(Note: Thermogenic effect refers to the calorie-burning process of digestion. It occurs when protein molecule is simplified to amino acids, carbohydrate to simple sugar, and fat to fatty acids.) Is that meaning the higher protein we consume the better results in losing weight? No, it is not. Over consumption of protein is not healthy for you. In addition, your brain functions on carbohydrates. The most nutritious food, including vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are all carbohydrates. As we need a balance diet, it is proposed to have 25% to 30% of protein in our daily meal to get optimum results in weight loss. Besides eating right food, exercise can help in boosting metabolism as it increases your basal metabolic rate. Understand the whole weight loss concept and losing weight healthily is not a dream anymore.

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